SharePoint and RSS Feed Generation

There seem to be a number of solutions out there to help you deliver SharePoint content via RSS, thought I would just put togther a quick summary (in no particular order!):

1. Maurice Prathers Web Part:
2. Addy Santos BlogWave:
3. George DataView and XSLT (via Bill Simser):
4. U2U are working on something according to Jan Tielens:
5. DevHawk SharePoint Syndication:

Now, folks, I know I have forgotten some, my apologies in advance…Tell me about it and I’ll update the list.

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  1. Mads Nissen says:

    You’re forgetting Tim Heuers RssFeedReader which has been around for a good while.

    Tim won the WebPart Development contest with that one:

  2. #region /* mads's thoughts */ says:
  3. #region /* mads's thoughts */ says:
  4. In late breaking news yesterday (actually early for my time zone), Jan Tielens reported that screenshots of an application he is developing were leaked onto his desktop in a very strange and unexpected series of events…umm wait that don’t make…

  5. Point2Share says:

    John Durant, who has an excellent and widely read blog, posted about SharePoint and RSS today after a…

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