Quick Tip: Subscribing a group of users to an alert

We often receive the following request:
“Can I subscribe someone else to an alert?”

The answer is unfortunately “No”, there is no way to do this “out of the box”. However there is a workaround (albeit a little untidy) that may help you achieve what you are looking for.

When you click on the “Alert Me” link you have the option to “Change my email address” as seen below:


When you click on this link you are taken to your “User Information” record to perform the change. There is nothing to stop you putting in the email address of, for example, a distribution list. 


When finished click on the “Save and Close” button, create your alert, and finally add any users whom you wish to receive the alert to the Distribution list. From then on all members of that list will receive the alert you just registered.

Oh, and don’t forget to put your email address back the way it was afterwards!

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  1. Mads Nissen says:

    Say these users aren’t even registered as users on the site, or in sharepoint at all for that matter, how would they unsubscribe:-)

    doesn’t this make it a risky feature to use in extranet scenarios?

  2. Hey Mad,

    Well, you do raise an interesting point.

    To actually access the content for which the alert was generated they would need to have access to the site.

    And the person following this post should understand how alerts work!

    What I describe here is just using the out-of-box features to achieve an objective, so there is nothing here that makes a implementation more, or less, risky.

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