Bill talks about Blogs and SharePoint

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Bill talks about Blogs and SharePoint:

One of the big phenomena of the year has been blogging. Has the growth surprised you?
Well, actually I think the biggest blogging statistic I know, which really blew me away, is that we've got close to a million people setting up blogs (Web logs) with the
Spaces capability that's connected up to Messenger.

Now, with blogs, you always have to be careful. The decay rate of "I started and I stopped" or "I started and nobody visited" is fairly high, but as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) has gotten more sophisticated and value-added search capabilities have come along, this thing is really maturing.

And we've done some things in Japan and Korea that are unique blog experiments. The Spaces thing is a worldwide effort. It's a great phenomena, and it's sort of built on e-mail, and so we need to integrate more blogging capability into the e-mail world--and as we do the next generation of Outlook, you'll see that. We need to integrate it more into our SharePoint, which is our collaboration Office platform, and then, as I discussed, MSN is embracing it so that instead of thinking about, "OK, I go to one community to do photos, one community to do social networking, one community to do this," we say, "Hey," off of Messenger, which has got your buddy list already, then, "Let's let you do the photos and the social networking and everything--but starting in an integrated way off of Messenger."

To my way of thinking SharePoint is the obvious place to put your blogs, Maurice Prather (while you are there, nominate your favourite web part) has proven this can be done today. I do wonder what they are up to over there in Redmond…..I guess we just have to stay tuned.

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  1. Adarsh Bhat says:

    I think firefox is a pretty decent piece of software. Like I once said…

  2. Adarsh Bhat says:

    Whoops sorry for the totally off topic comment. I was reading the original article, and then commented here. 🙂

  3. I was wondering! <grin>

  4. Colin Walker says:

    Well, it’s about time 😉

    I’ve been asking for better blogging/rss support OOTB for ages.

  5. Aaron says:

    Bill… get a clue. The rise of blogs has had almost NOTHING to do with MSN Spaces. Once again Microsoft is joining the party a little too late.

  6. Hey Colin, Well we aren’t there yet, lets just cross our fingers.

  7. Aaron, I’m not sure Bill is claiming credit for the rise of Blogging, I’m sure he is a aware that it really has nothing to do with MSN Spaces.

    However I think MSN Spaces will help to make blogging, and associated technologies, more "Accessible", and that’s gotta be a good thing…

  8. Jim Duncan says:

    I wonder if Bill (or anyone else) knows about the blog site definition I’m working on for SharePoint…

  9. Hey Jim…

    Well he does now, I’m sure he reads my blog! <sly grin>

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