Pint2Share: Dubai 17th-20th Dec

Making a Pint2Share call for Dubai, I’m here in this sunny city with an obsession for big things right now. Let me know if you want to talk SharePoint… Contact me here.


The Point2Share Blog Series Summary Post

This post is simply to summarise the Blog “series” I do, for example the “Working with Web Part Pages” and “Best Practices”. I still plan to do more of these, I just wanted one page I could point people at to find them, not sure this is the best solution, but anyway… I will add new links as…


Searching custom WSS columns with SPS Search

I have been meaning to get a post out about this very topic, Renaud at SPS Clerics has put some hints and tips together. I think this is a really powerful aspect of the product, with the gatherer automatically detecting item metadata then allowing the administrator to add it to the index, and search across…


A useful web part from the goldfish bowl…

A good mate of mine, Graham Tyler, over at “The Goldfish Bowl” has published a web part he put together for “publishing” files on a file share via a SharePoint Web Part. Head on over to “The Bowl” for more information and a download…..


Well I’m a bit behind the times but…Angus Logan (MSFT)

Angus Logan has joined Microsoft, this is excellent news as he has been a fantastic contributor to the community for some time (and besides that a shared mate of ours Cameron Reilly of “The Podcast Network” says he’s alright…) I know he has joined not because of his blog post, which I somehow missed, but because he…



Pint2Sharer’s Margriet and Nikander Bruggeman have just launched a new site, head over here to check it out here: They have been very active in the community for a long time and I look forward to some great information and tools!


James Milne strikes again….with the SPStatus tool

James Milne, of SPSkin fame, is back with a new SharePoint tool. He describes it best: How do you check for broken links in Sharepoint?  With large SharePoint Portal deployments a major challenge is ensuring all the web links contained within a Portal and Team Sites are kept up to date. In SharePoint Portal and Team…


SharePoint Best Practice: Architecture Design and SharePoint "Solution Sites"

While working on my first large scale SharePoint deployment I was invited to meet with a team of people collectively called the “solutions group”, a group described to me as developers who were looking to build business solutions based on the SharePoint platform. This sounded like an excellent idea, I agreed, and later that day I…


Andre and the Config Database worst case scenario

Andre has posted an article on how to re-create the SharePoint configuration database. This really is a “solution of last resort”, that is, something you can try if all else fails (in fact I would only do it after you have finished panicking). With that said, it’s nice to have a document to follow, that…