Release: Share Points SharePoint User Manager

Nigel Bridport has dropped a great new utility into the SharePoint community with the first release of SharePoint User Manager (Nige, really need a catchier title for this one), seriously good stuff. Share Points User Manager


Release: SmartPart for SharePoint

I think I have been a little slow on this one, but congratulations Jan, great job, a truly useful web part that I’m sure will become part of every SharePointers toolbox! The SmartPart is released! Get it here:SmartPart for SharePoint: Workspace Home


SharePoint MSDN and RSS

Superb news folks, SharePoint on MSDN now has an RSS feed. Get Subscribed!


Indexing Individual List Items on a Portal and Returning them in Search Results

Have you ever done a search, in a SharePoint Portal site, for a list item (announcement, contact, task, etc.) and been annoyed when the search results only bring back a link to the list and not the individual list item? By default this is the way SharePoint works. For example, lets say I was looking for a contact…


SharePoint On Scobleizer (Microsoft Geek Blogger) and the Book Title Brainstorm!

The word is now officially out: Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Of course this is nothing new over here in the SharePoint world <yawn>. Catch up Scoble, this thing is going to be bigger than Blogging! <grin> It makes sense of course that books make for a great indicator of software sales, hadn’t really thought about…


Large File Uploads

Ever received the following message when trying to upload a file to SharePoint? The form submission cannot be processed because it exceeded the maximum length allowed by the Web administrator. Please resubmit the form with less data. If yes, then this is because by default SharePoint limits document upload size to no greater that 50…