New Content: Creating a Site Context Search Box that Uses Portal Search Results

Use the search box sample to customize the Windows SharePoint Services site-level Search box to return Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Search (SharePointPSSearch) results. This download contains sample Microsoft Visual C# code for creating the custom search box and a deployment package (CAB file) for installing the sample. You can modify this sample code to fit your needs.

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  1. Jason Dever says:

    I have this installed, but all my sites point to subportals in SPS. When I click on the search button, it brings me to the search.aspx for the subportal, which does not exist…


    Site: http://sharepoint/sites/site1

    Portal reference: http://sharepoint/sub1

    Any ideas?

  2. Daniel MCPherson says:

    Suggestion would be to take the sample code and change it to cope with your scenario! <grin>

  3. Jason Dever says:

    no coffee yet today…

    sigh. I realized that the moment I hit submit…


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