HTTP Compression and SharePoint

This is something I have been really interested in exploring, particularly since SPS/WSS sends down approx. 500 kb on first access (OWS.js, ie55up.js, OWS.css, SPS.css) which is quite an issue in low bandwidth deployments. Certianly interested to undertsand what sort impact this had on the weight of these files, and general page weight.

Anyway, looks like Maurice just saved me a stack of time.

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  1. Brett Waring says:

    Hey Daniel,

    We recently enabled HTTP Compression on an SPS2003 site accessed globally through our WAN. As you can imaging the 500kb hit on first access was a big concern. The only problem we found with HTTP Compression was with IE5.0. In out tests 5.0 did not hanle compressed content very well, with total rendering time increased as compared to non compressed content. Luckily IE5.5+ does not exhibit this issue and as our corporate standard has moved up to 5.5/6.0, enabling compression was a huge success.


    Brett Waring

    (ex Com Tech)

  2. daniel mcpherson says:

    Hey Brett, Fancing bumping into you here! Hope all is well.

    I passed your email on to Maurice who appreciated it. I think he has done a followup artle you may want to check out.

    Anyway, keep in touch…

  3. xyz says:


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