Maurice Prather: A Must Read Blog on WSS

Maurice is based over in Redmond with the Product Group and is the author of a number of excellent SharePoint tools/articles. He has some great articles on WSS already posted and I'm sure there are many more to come.


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  1. Mike Walsh Helsinki says:

    But what’s his "Syndication" XML address?

    I’ve been to his site several times and never found it.

  2. At this stage he doesn’t have one.


  3. Daniel McPherson says:

    Maurice now has an RSS feed after putting together a nice little SharePoint web part.

  4. robertk says:

    How best to get in contact with Maurice I had a issue configuring his RSS gen, it installs fine but the Toolpane appears at the bottom of my screen and I can’t modify it to accept my site URL I wish to feed out

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