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Automated Installation of SharePoint Portal Server 2003:

Using SharePoint Portal Server 2003 with SharePoint Portal Server 2001:

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  1. Daniel McPherson has a good summary of what the different databases for SharePoint store. This will likely prove helpful for me at some point down the road when I need a quick and easy explanation for someone. *_Prof – This is the is the profiles database. It contains all the information relating to peoples profiles, including those imported from the AD. *_Site – This is the site database. By default it contains all the portal and team site information including documents and lists. *_Serv – This is the service database. It contains alert definitions, notifications and the gatherer logs. *_Config_db – This is the configuration database. This contains the actual definition of the "Farm" in which SharePoint Portal Server has been installed. In another post today, Daniel also points to this new article on Technet on automated SharePoint Portal Server installs via the command line. Another useful reference….

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