Great Developer Content: SharePoint™ Developers’ Conference 2003

Download details: SharePoint™ Developers' Conference 2003

A number of presentations for SharePoint Developers.

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  1. Daniel McPherson points to a bunch of presentations from the Sharepoint Developers Conference in 2003. The goal of this conference was to give developers an opportunity to get familiar with some of the key SharePoint technologies (Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Web Parts, FrontPage 2003, InfoPath 2003, and more). Therefore for some of you that are just getting started with SharePoint development, these sessions may prove helpful to you. By visiting this link you can download some of the presentations that took place: Sessions included: D306: Microsoft SharePoint Application Architecture (Download 58972 KB) D310: Deploying Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies (Download 57362 KB) S270: Introduction to Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 (Download 58982 KB) T233: Developing Custom Microsoft SharePoint Solutions with Microsoft FrontPage (Download 110263 KB) T250: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services: End-to-End Security Model (Download 57400 KB) T302: Programming the Microsoft SharePoint Object Model, Web Services, and Events (Download 74697 KB) T304: Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server Object Model and Web Services (Download 57220 KB) T310: Debugging, Packaging, and Deploying Web Part Applications (Download 63066 KB) T321: Microsoft FrontPage: Build XML Data-driven Web Sites (Download 121789 KB) T330: Connecting Enterprise Applications to Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server v2.0 (Download 106865 KB)…

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