Download Visual Studio Express Editions

 * Updated 3/31/2015 While this post was originally written in 2009, it still gets a ton of hits! Today, we have lots of new offerings for developers looking for free tools including Visual Studio Community Edition and updated Visual Studio Express Editions. I’ve updated the page with relevant links below Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition…


We want to hear your stories

Hey folks, if you’ve built some cool project, the Non-Pro team wants to hear from you! Send them an email!    


SQL Server Express 2008: Now in two flavors

As I blogged about on Channel 9 earlier (I love that we can have text *and* video posts now), SQL Server 2008 RC0 is now available for download. On the download page, you may have noticed that there are two versions of SQL Server Express SQL Server 2008 Express SQL Server 2008 Express with Advanced…


Top 10 Interesting Nuggets from the Microsoft GDC Keynote

The US video game industry revenue is now $18 Billion and continues to grow. Games have not only surpassed the movie industry, they have also surpassed the music industry (source: Jupiter Research) 7 different Xbox titles sold over 1MM units in the 2007 holiday season Xbox has the highest number of games rated > 80…


Visual Studio 2008 Feature Comparison Chart

As Rob Caron points out, we just release the Visual Studio 2008 Feature Comparison Chart (downloadable version) which is ever-so-helpful when you need to point to a definitive reference when a feature is/is not in a SKU.


Top 15 Things to love about Visual Studio 2008 Express

Visual Studio Express 2008 is now available for download!!   Our new Web site is!   Below are my top 15 things to love about Visual Studio Express 15. Free hosting for client-based Web sites with Popfly Explorer Using the Popfly Explorer Add-On, you can now build and design Web pages using HTML, JavaScript,…


Build and Publish Web Sites with Popfly Explorer Beta

I’m back in Seattle after attending TechEd Europe earlier in the week. It was an absolute blast and thanks to everyone who came to the overflowed Popfly session! Tony Goodhew and I did demos in Soma’s keynote, check out Patrik and Andrew’s blogs for a recap on the keynote: Patrik Löwendahl’s:  Live from the keynote…


Part 1 of 5: What’s in Visual Studio Express 2008 Beta 2

This 5-part blog series will help you, dear reader, to understand what new features will be directly supported inside of Visual Studio Express 2008.    In this post, I’ll give a quick overview of the most common questions still asked about Express and then dive into some of the language enhancements coming in 2008. Where…


TestDriven.NET and Express – Technical Information

I quickly wanted to respond to questions or misconceptions raised in the comments of my previous blog post. A common question or misconception in the comments is saying that if didn’t want extensibility we should have provided technical limitations to prevent extensibility (see comments:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13,…