The NHL’s back

Ed emailed me that the NHL owners and players have finally made peace and there will be hockey next year. The question is, will the fans come? This MSNBC article has some interesting quotes. The first two sum up my feelings, especially since I immediately responded to Ed saying that we need to make a road…


What do Samuel L Jackson, Triumph, and Dave Chappelle have in common?

Nothing, they all just happen to have movie clips that are clogging up my blogging queue. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these, but some are too good to not link to… Chris Chelios talks about his first hockey coach, Coach Jules Winnfield – Watch Video Triumph at the Michael Jackson Trial -…


No NHL hockey this year :(

I’m late to report this, but I think it sucks that it happened and it’s bad for the sport. Seattle Thunderbirds are still playing though….


Fractured Arm

I haven’t been blogging lately, mainly because I’m busy and because I fractured my arm. It happened about two weeks ago while playing roller hockey. I was going full speed from left to right and only had the goalie to beat. The goalie jumped out of the net, sending me airborn and I landed on…


The Tough Life of a Caps Fan

***Update x3*** Anson Carter, who the Caps traded for Jaromir Jagr lasted a total of two weeks in Washington before being traded to Los Angeles.  Mike Grier was also traded to Buffalo.  The Washington Post has a good summary of all the changes and the challenges Caps face here   ***Update x2*** It looks like Sergei…


Work hard, play hard

“Work hard, play hard” is my mantra (and the mantra of most people at MS), but it’s pretty damn exhausting after a while. I haven’t been able to blog since last week, and it’s simply because I’ve been busy *all* the time. This weekend, for example, I went back home to DC for a friend’s…