Happy Valentine’s Day from Channel 9!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s day on Channel 9, time to have some more fun. Kudos to Laura Foy as this is her brain-child and of course Nic Fillingham and Larry Larsenfor some great cameo roles!


My Picks for PDC 2009

With a little over a month to go before Microsoft’s biggest and best developer event, I wanted to pick out which PDC sessions look super interesting (to me) this year: Dan’s picks Windows 7 Developer Boot Camp (Mark Russinovich, Arun Kishan)– I’ll be setting up some projects during this time, but it would be great…


CodePlex Community Meetup at PDC

As Sara mentioned in the CodePlex blog, we’re having a CodePlex meetup at PDC on Wednesday from 1:30 – 2:30pm where volunteers will be able to show off their Codeplex projects and you’ll be able to check out demos of new CodePlex features and give the CodePlex team feedback on what they’re delivering.  Full details on…


Goodbye to Bill Gates Links

Yes, it’s Bill’s last day, here’s a collection of videos for your viewing pleasure: Channel 9: Bill Gates: Transitioning into the Future Channel 9: This Week on Channel 9 with Jeff Sandquist and Bill Gates stories Channel 9: ‘Softies share their Bill Gates stories MS PressPass: Bill Gates Looking Backing, Moving Ahead CNN: Bill Gates…


Bill Gates Transition Interview on Channel 9

In case you haven’t heard, this week is BillG’s last week as a full-time Microsoft employee as he transitions to working full-time at his foundation. Sure, he’ll still be the Chairman of the board and there are some projects that he will work with directly, but it is still a bit weird to think about…