TwitterDrive – Tweets are the next evolution in message protocols

Today we announced TwitterDrive, a free, open source application that will revolutionize cloud storage and cloud applications as we know it.  Here is an interview with the TweetDrive creator, Brian Peek with the full details. What is it? TweetDrive is a .NET application that enables you to use Twitter as a cloud storage backend to share…


Coding4Fun Book: The people and the projects

  Available now on for $26 (34% off!)   Our Coding4Fun book, Coding4Fun 10 .NET Programming Projects for Wiimote, World of Warcraft, YouTube, and More officially released to the world last week. Unlike your typical .NET development book, Coding4Fun is about learning how to use your developer skills to do fun, cool projects (see…


PDC Recap

With PDC just about a week over, it’s about time I finally got around to blogging about it. Here’s the random list   Windows Azure: Ray Ozzie launched Windows Azure and Microsoft’s Cloud Strategy (video here). Charles on Channel 9 did a bunch of videos on our Cloud services. If you want a no nonsense…


CodePlex Community Meetup at PDC

As Sara mentioned in the CodePlex blog, we’re having a CodePlex meetup at PDC on Wednesday from 1:30 – 2:30pm where volunteers will be able to show off their Codeplex projects and you’ll be able to check out demos of new CodePlex features and give the CodePlex team feedback on what they’re delivering.  Full details on…


Announcing Visual Studio 2010

Since I’m a Visual Studio fanboy, I love hearing about the future of Visual Studio, now officially named Visual Studio 2010.  While the team is taking a measured approach to disclosure, something they haven’t done in VS 2005/2008, I did get the scoop on the future of Visual Studio Team System with Norman Guadagno, the…


Opening the kimono on Windows 7

Today we officially announced that PDC is the first time Microsoft will be discussing Windows 7 in-depth. The big announcements are that: Steve Sinofsky will keynote on Tuesday at PDC There are 21 sessions on Windows 7 at PDC on everything from kernel, audio, graphics, networking, and more. All PDC attendees get a pre-beta build…


Popfly Game Creator Goes Beta

Congrats to the Popfly team for moving Popfly Game Creator from alpha to Beta and adding a bunch of handy features. For the full rundown, check out the Popfly Team Blog.  Here’s a few of my favorite features   Inserting images into a game Alpha (before): You had to manually build XAML and manually upload…


The Unofficial Microsoft Overworked Advisory System

Scott Hanselman recently blogged about "Ninjas on fire" as a way to describe being overwhelmed at work, here’s a snippet from his post on the origin: Jesse asked me how I was doing yesterday and I replied "Ninjas on fire, man." Four years ago when Halo 2 was coming out it was described like this….


AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft v2 Beta now available

For World of Warcraft developers looking to build AddOns, a BETA version of AddOn Studio is now available! Here’s an interview and demo with Attila Kisko and Gabor Ratky on AddOn Studio.  Gabor Ratky and Attila Kisko: AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft    There are some bugs and some content that still isn’t available,…


We want to hear your stories

Hey folks, if you’ve built some cool project, the Non-Pro team wants to hear from you! Send them an email!