WebMatrix & Razor: A new option for beginning developers

We’ just announced WebMatrix, a new, simple IDE to build and customize Web sites. As someone who believes we need to provide a better offering for beginners and non-professional developers, WebMatrix, and specifically, the Razor syntax is a huge leap forward. Given that most customers are familiar with HTML and JavaScript, being able to have…


Correcting Grammar for Microsoft Products and Technology

I see book authors, editors, bloggers, press, team members, and occasionally even a VP misspell our products, technologies, and features that I thought I would build and maintain a list of the correct capitalization and spelling of the most commonly misspelled Microsoft products and technologies. Sources: Internal site (brandtools) and the Microsoft Trademarks Web site….


Happy Valentine’s Day from Channel 9!

Yes, it’s Valentine’s day on Channel 9, time to have some more fun. Kudos to Laura Foy as this is her brain-child and of course Nic Fillingham and Larry Larsenfor some great cameo roles!