Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 Cheat Sheet


Hey folks, Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is now available for the world to download and here's your cheat sheet of links you'll want to know about

Top Two Installation Questions 

Q. Will it work side-by-side with VS 2008? 
Yes, Visual Studio 2010 will work side-by-side with VS 2008

Q: Will it work on Windows 7?
A: While installing on Windows 7 Beta is not a recommended scenario, installing on Windows 7 RC is a tested scenario.


One thing to remember is that VS 2010 is not feature complete and hasn't been optimized for performance. While the move to a WPF-based editor is pretty sweet, there are some scenarios where you may feel a little bit of latency with your commands.  You'll see perf improvements on this over time. 



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  1. Dushyant says:

    awesome , iv been wating to use anything on Windows7 .. microsoft is awesome

  2. Ady Juran says:

    "and hasn’t been optimized for performance" which VS has?

  3. Alex says:

    Nice to see all the informations about VS2010 on one place. Thank you.

  4. Manu Ram Pandit says:

    hey!! waiting eagerly for the release.

    But I can’t find the cheat sheet that the post has been talking about.

  5. Rajbir Singh says:

    Very thankful dear sir

                      post lestest news IT

                                     Visual stdio 2010

  6. Amit says:

    gr8 man it’s really amazing and very easy to use

  7. Zabron Muyambo says:

    when is it coming onto the market for use?

  8. Thats really cool… I was waiting for this since long time!!

  9. hasan diab says:

    i hope to develop framework to be little size becouse i have problem with my applications size

    i like very much and thanks for microsoft about these great tools

  10. Al says:

    your .net 4.0 link is the read me file…  might want to update that.

  11. Gaurav Arora says:

    yeah, its a great news for me, I am waiting for a long time.

  12. yeah, its a great news for me, I am waiting for a long time.

  13. Tom says:

    MSDN has a page devoted to explaining all the new ASP.NET features, with links to documents that explore them in more detail.

  14. Hey, what’s that there? When you hit F1 or go to the Help menu and select Visual Studio Product Documentation,

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  16. Marty's Blog says:

    Microsoft finally launched its much anticipated Beta for Visual Studio 2010 . Downloaders can test VS

  17. jarred says:

    Will this provide a solution for printing with compact frame work, on mobile device? or is there no changes there.

    Thanks in advance

  18. vinod k says:

    Hats off to Microsoft for releasing VSTS2010, i m eagerly waiting to learn this VS asap.. Thanks 🙂

  19. ALL says:

    Is our project develop in VS2005 can be run in VS2010

    without any problem. Please provide instant convertion for VS2005 to VS2010.

  20. DotNetBurner – burning hot .net content

  21. This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the top developer news, including: – Visual Studio 2010

  22. Leo R says:

    It doesnt look nice to have so many versions of MS framework, it wouldnt be nice to have to install the 4 versions of it (’cause they dont have backwards compatibility) if I have 4 apps developed with each.

    Id prefer to have just one updatable framework, just as java does.

  23. Sheng says:

    vs 2008 is not very good for support xaml.

    Wish 2010 works better. But I won’t try the beta version.

  24. Hi,

    This is a very nice post. Lots of helpful links.



  25. Michel says:

    woei. Visual Studio 10 will save my day

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