The Superficial Poll: Blonde or Brunette

Margaret Rouse from the Overheard blog calls me out for dying my hair blonde:

I’m a big Dan Fernandez fan — but I had a hard time watching this video because I kept thinking “why did you bleach your hair?”

Now Margaret has nice things to say about me (thank you!), but I was a bit taken back because I never thought my hair was a distraction. I will say I have more fun being blonde (yes the rumors are true) and oddly enough, I eat healthier in some unexplained subconscious need to keep up with appearances while I'm blonde.


What do you all think?


Brunette Blonde
 dan_fernandez image
Comments (7)

  1. Jorriss says:

    I say toe the company line and go blue…with white highlights. There’s a bonus in there somewhere.

  2. Niiiiko says:

    But the real question is, does the carpet match the drapes?

  3. ARichards says:

    Dan, the hair looks great…

    Let me tell you 2 hair raising (*sigh*) stories of my own…

    In ’99, we were having a quiet afternoon in the office and thus it was decided that I’d look good with a shaved head (I had quite long hair previously)…

    Someone had a razor in there bag (why?) and 30 minutes later, I was shaved down to a Number ‘0’… But it didn’t end there.

    We decided to shaved the company logo into the back (the logo looked like a piece of paper curled over). To do it properly, we moved to the bathroom to get more light, and a sink (for rinsing the razor).

    At the last second, the CEO walks in, takes one look at me, and then says to the person he was talking to on the phone, "One of my developers has just shaved the logo on his head – I love this place"…


    In ’02, two days before moving out of a flat into my own house, I decided to mark the occasion by changing my occasional blonde hair blue…

    This would have been better executed away from the flat’s shower as the blue dye stained the tiles.  Hours and hours of heavy duty cleaning finally made the shower look OK (well, good enough for us to get our bond back)… This type of cleaning is not what you want to worry about when moving home!

  4. I think the blond hair will look better if you buy a pair of blue contact lenses.

    Then you will look like the new james bond.

  5. trucha33 says:

    As the person who originally talked Dan into dying his hair waaaay back when, I can tell you he makes a great blonde.  The posted picture just doesn’t do him justice….

  6. Blondie says:

    All the answers to the blonde or brunette debate can be found at!

    PS. Blondes rule

  7. TVance929 says:

    dude, shut the pie hole once in awhile!

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