Popfly makes PC World’s Top 25 Most Innovative Products!


I'm late on this, but BIG kudos to the Popfly team for having the sole Microsoft entry in PC World's Top 25 Most Innovative products!

 Here's a snippet from the article:

 Microsoft Popfly

Innovation: Lets you use Microsoft's Silverlight platform to create Web mashups.

Benefit: Though Popfly is still in early beta, its operation is clearer and its display is more attractive than that of the similar Yahoo Pipes tool.

If you ever played with Legos as a kid, then you should be able to assemble a Web mashup in Microsoft's Popfly. No coding know-how needed--using Popfly is as simple as choosing content sources (such as pictures, video, or news feeds from various online sources) and connecting them to a display model (such as a video player, a dynamic box for text, or a game of whack-a-mole that pops up pictures, for instance). Voilà, you have your mashup. You can embed the resulting creation in a blog entry or Web page, or just share its URL so others can admire your work.


Comments (4)

  1. Brody says:

    Vista didn’t and MacOS did… Which says to me that this list is not particular good.

  2. Mark Gordon says:

    It is really sad the resources Microsoft’s invest in developing software when it no longer has a data centric language (i.e. foxpro). Visual Studio 2008 doesn’t even support "true" data binding. I hope some day you guys will get it and start developing products that will really assist developers.


  3. Hey Mark,

    It’s funny you say that as many folks see influences of FoxPro in LINQ as that adds core data programming features directly into the language. As for visual data-binding, what specific features from FoxPro would you like to see added?

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