How to fix Flash video on Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 7.0

I've had this problem occur on two PCs so I thought I would post the fix (courtesy of Brian Keller) since I'm likely not the only person running into this.

  • Go to this page to install Flash (uncheck Google Toolbar, no idea what that has to do with Flash)

  • You'll get a confirmation screen that will say it's successfully installed, but you still won't be able to watch videos on MSN, YouTube, etc

  • To fix, Run C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\FlashUtilXX.exe where XX is the largest value you find in this directory. (For me it’s 9d, but it used to be 9b)

  • You'll be prompted to close all browsers and you're done

 * Updated Jan 11th for Windows 7/Internet Explorer 8 64-bit - Go to the directory C:\windows\syswow64\Macromed\Flash\ to find the FlashUtilXX program.

Comments (9)

  1. Can Erten says:

    I was just wandering why flash was not working. Thank you very much indeed. The problem also applies to Windows XP. I have had the same problem on Windows XP, but this fix worked.

  2. Simple fix for those experiencing problems running Flash Video on Vista with IE7 . Apparently this fixes

  3. Jim says:

    Thank you. That was a bugger. Couldn’t figure it out, even after standing on my head;-`

    Why is it happeining?

  4. Pat says:

    I have no Flash folder in the Macromed folder

  5. Alton Leonard says:

    Tried this several times. Flash video still only works on some sites on certain computers. There seems to be no solution to this problem with Vista. You just have to live with it, or get XP.

  6. bob says:

    I have found that vista sporadically blocks some swf files.  the only solution is to save it.  then check properties. it will say thea vista blocked it for security reasons, check to unblock, then it will play

  7. Rob says:

    I have the same problem… trying to install flash 10b on internet explorer- it will work until I restart the computer.  The only thing I have figured out is to just switch to firefox, works like a charm!

  8. Kirk says:

    Thanks Dan/Brian. Howver, the issue remains with my PC too.

    * It seems that if you open a new IE instance and paste in or browse to a url containing Flash, the Flash will play happily.

    * It will rarely (but sometimes) play in additional tabs of any instance.

    * It will not play in a window that is opened programatically.

    Looks like a sandbox problem to me. Kinda disappointing that you can fix it by "upgrading" to XP or other browsers…

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