Windows Home Server SDK Now Available

Charlie and team just announced the availability of the Windows Home Server SDK available here. Here's a quick snippet from the announcement post.

But, the reality is, 99% of what developers want to build on top of Windows Home Server will be done using the rest of the MSDN documentation. Our little set of APIs let you integrate your Add-in into the Home Server Console and interact with some of the elements behind the solutions we provide. But all the interesting work that great Windows Home Server Add-ins will do will be done using the standard "Windows API".


Since Windows Home Server is built on Windows and IIS, you get that platform goodness "for free" if you will. The cool thing about their API is that it integrates into the Home Server Console and that it's super easy.


  • Setup: Reference the HomeServerExt.dll in a class library
  • Implement the Console and Settings interfaces (using VB, C#, C++)
  • Deploy


I love it when extensbility is as easy as implementing an interface 🙂

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  1. Coding4Fun says:

    Windows Home Server now has their SDK available over at MSDN. The Home Server is build on WIndows and

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