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* Update: Added Mike Swanson as Matthew Perry based on Brian Keller's suggestion
* Update #2: Added Wes Hutchins as Peyton Manning now that I got a picture of Wes
* Update #3: Added Chris Flores as Ralph Macchio based on John Hipsher's suggestion
* Update #4: Added area of focus for each Microsoft person 
* Update #5: Added Raymond Chen as Masi Oka based on Sriram Krishnan's suggestion and Ian Knox as Paul Bettany based on Lindsay Berg and Elise Peterson's suggestion



I saw this hilarious comparison by Josh Hallet on casting "Blog" the Movie and in the spirit of playfulness, I brought in two consultants, Ed and Brian, to chime in on who would star in a "Microsoft Movie."  Rather than cast BillG and Steve Ballmer, I thought I would cast some of my favorite personalities who have similar-looking famous personas. Here's my first stab:


Ari Bixhorn (Speech writer)

Adam Sandler (Comedian)

Brad Abrams (AJAX) 

Sean Hayes (Comedian, Will and Grace)
Brian Goldfarb (Web Platform)
Jerry Ferrara (Actor, Entourage)

Brian Keller (VSTS Evangelism)

Neil Patrick Harris (Actor)

Dan Fernandez (Non-Pro Tools)

Matt Dillon (Crash)
Darryl Schaffer (Evangelism)
Alan Rickman (Actor, Die Hard)

David Weller (XNA)

Timothy Busfield (Actor)
Don Box (WCF)

Matt Groening (Simpsons creator)

Ed Kaim (ex-MSFT)

Steve Harwell (Singer, Smash Mouth)

Eric Gunnerson (ex-DevDiv, Movie Maker)
Willem Dafoe (Platoon)
Finula Crowe (DPE, Australia)

Elizabeth Hurley
Jay Roxe (VS Pro Tools)

Kevin Bacon
Jeffrey Snover (PowerShell)
Harold Ramis (Ghostbusters)

John Montgomery (Non-Pro Tools)
Vincent Donofrio (Full Metal Jacket)
Jono Wells (Pro Tools)
Hugh Jackman (Wolverine)

Josh Ledgard (Deveoper Community)
Josh Hartnett (Black Hawk Down) 
Larry Osterman (Windows Audio)
Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter)
Mark Boulter (WPF Tools)
A slender Wayne Knight ("Newman")
Rick Samona (Compete)
Stevo (Jackass)
Sara Ford (Developer Comunity)
Amy Poehler (Saturday Night Live)
Scott Guthrie (Web Platform)
Michael Wincott (Alien: Resurrection)
Tony Goodhew (Orcas Planning)
Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk)
Mike Swanson (VSTS Evangelism)
Matthew Perry (Comedian, Friends)
Wes Hutchins (Non-Pro tools)
Peyton Manning (NFL Quarterback)
Chris Flores (Windows)
Ralph Macchio (Actor, Karate Kid)
Raymond Chen (Windows)
Masi Oka (Actor, Heroes)
Ian Knox (VSTS)
Paul Bettany (Actor, DaVinci Code)


Who am I missing? Who do you think is the closest match to their famous self? I couldn't decide who Raymond Chen, Dare Obasanjo, Jeff Sandquist or Rory Blyth look like, but I'm open to ideas or other famous 'softies you think have famous counterparts.


Now back to actual work ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Comments (29)

  1. Brody says:

    It’s a little harsh that everyone was named with the exception of Hugh Jackman (Wolverine). Is there a reason?

  2. This is scary how closely most of these people resemble these actors.

    My recommendation would be to let Finula Crowe play herself though.  She is damn cute, and a much better choice than Elizabeth Hurley, IMO.

  3. Hey Brody, I’m not sure what you thought that was "harsh", but in any case, I went ahead and updated the list for Hugh Jackman ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Danielfe decided to put together a great post about how some of us look like famous people (not that

  5. Prashant Sridharan says:

    One mistake: Goodhew is more like Dakota Fanning.

  6. Danielfe decided to put together a great post about how some of us look like famous people (not that

  7. Dominick says:

    I don’t know any of these folks, but I have to say that Jay Roxe looks more like Tobey Maguire.

  8. Finula AKA Liz... says:

    I’m a bit concerned about where my tiara went tho… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Tarun says:

    The best one was Finula Crowe (DPE, Australia) For Elizabeth. :))

  10. Tim says:

    Nah, Jay Roxe looks like Dave Foley from NewsRadio

  11. JoeStagner says:

    Great stuff

    I love the Rick Samona Match !

  12. TimSpence says:

    Don Box looks like Stephen King to me….

  13. saraford says:

    Hey Dan, are you implying that i should dye my hair blonde?  =)

  14. Hey Sara,

    Only if you want to look *just* like Amy ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I’m not sure that the humor found here would translate well . Nevermind, I’d love to see what would happen

  16. Dan, this was hilarious! I particularly had a laugh when I saw yours as thats exactly what I thought when I first met you! Get us more!


  17. Raymond Chen – Masi Oka ( – he plays ‘Hiro Nakamura’ in Heroes.

    Raymond – if you read this, I’m sorry!

  18. I was trying to keep my intentions hidden, but Dan has disclosed them. I’ve been trying to look like

  19. I like what Howard had to say about his perspective (a developer’s, that is) about why we created a "new

  20. noahc says:

    Wow.  That must’ve taken a LOT of work!

  21. PubSec says:

    That was back when I still had hair ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You need a pic of "BGold 2.0"

  22. Laura Sample says:

    Let me just add that Mike Swanson not only LOOKs like Matthew Perry, he ACTS like Matthew Perry too!  (or perhaps Perry acts like Mike…hmmm…).  Trust me, I’m his sister-in-law and the likeness is UNCANNY!!


  23. Tony says:

    As fan of the Food Network, Rory Blyth has always reminded me of Jamie Oliver (The Naked Chef), and Chris Sells reminds me of Mario Batali (Iron Chef America) — in both looks and demeanor.

    Jamie –

    Mario –

  24. Tony says:

    Oh, and if Chris Sells _is_ included in the Microsoft Bloggers: The Movie — maybe this part should be left out:

  25. What’s a helamonster? Sand, steam, water powered pcs, and how to motivate the damn things. Is that a

  26. charlielive says:

    Chris Flores ?  Getting MikeWe to spring for a limo to take us to Lake City for some entertainment…  has a bunch of photo’s of early DRG geeks. Cameron stayed above the fray like the Wizard of Oz – It’s his fantasy, don’t kill the messenger.

    Tom Button when he was Group Product Manager. VB 1.0 was a choice assignment for someone who wanted to leave Redmond in next 3 months.

    I hope you weren’t that guy from San Francisco?

  27. aletheia says:

    Eric Delko is a much better pick for Flores

  28. Dave Nielsen says:

    I think Dan looks like Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead Part 2 –

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