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Coding4Fun is off the hook lately! Check out these great apps that are pushing the envelope in fun and cool ways


Scott Hanselman's Controlling a Microbric Viper Robot using Windows PowerShell Logo

Yeah,PowerShell logo embedded into a Windows Form that can programatically control Robots. (Video demo)



Video: Programming Unreal Tournament AI bots

Andy Sterland, James Lissiak, and Tom Randell .NET Powered Unreal Tournament AI Bots

To show off how easy it is to program Unreal Tournament bots, I created my own "bot" which searches for a player called Dan and kills him on-site. It's that easy! Andy, James, and Tom wrote this while students at University of Hull (UK), and they even held a tournament with students competing to create the best bot.

Visual Basic

   1:      Protected Overloads Overrides Sub PerformActions()
   2:          If Me.CurrentGameState.PlayersVisible.Count > 0 Then
   3:              'You have someone visible you can shoot at
   4:              Dim allPlayers As List(Of UTBotOppState) = Me.CurrentGameState.PlayersVisible
   5:              For Each player As UTBotOppState In allPlayers
   6:                  If player.Name = "Dan" Then
   7:                      Console.WriteLine("Attack Dan, His health is: " & player.Health)
   9:                      'the "false" is asking to use alt fire (ex: grenades)
  10:                      Me.BotCommands.Shoot(player.Location, False)
  12:                  End If
  13:              Next
  15:          Else 'If no visible players, jump and rotate by 90 degrees
  16:              Me.BotCommands.Jump()
  17:              Me.BotCommands.RotateBy(90)
  18:          End If
  19:      End Sub


Visual C#

   1:  protected override void PerformActions()
   2:  {           
   3:      //Get a count of visible players
   4:      if (this.CurrentGameState.PlayersVisible.Count > 0)
   5:      {
   6:          //You have someone visible you can shoot at
   7:          List<UTBotOppState> allPlayers = this.CurrentGameState.PlayersVisible;
   9:          foreach (UTBotOppState player in allPlayers)
  10:          {
  11:              if (player.Name == "Dan")
  12:              {
  13:                  Console.WriteLine("Attack Dan, His health is: " + player.Health);
  14:                  //the "false" is asking to use alt fire (ex: grenades)
  15:                  this.BotCommands.Shoot(player.Location, false);
  16:              }
  17:          }
  18:      }
  19:      else //if no visible players, jump and rotate by 90 degrees
  20:      {                
  21:          this.BotCommands.Jump();
  22:          this.BotCommands.RotateBy(90);
  23:      }
  24:  }


Brian Peek's Computer-Controlled R/C Car with Wireless Camera

Brian shows how to hack an R/C controller to drive an R/C from your computer, all using Microsoft Robotics Studio. This is so cool that I've asked him to send me one so I can create "Drive my car" Web app for Microsofties to take the car for a spin remotely.


Mark Harbakus iAccelerate Application

See how fast and furious your car is by using an Accelerometer. This is too tempting to try out 🙂



Arian Kulp's iTunes-Style Desktop Search

 It works on Vista and it's very cool! My favorite features is the search by Old-ness and the dynamic categories. I was easily able to search for pictures from last year with a 200 ISO speed in fractions of a second. Arian has another mod (part 2) that I'm sure will be equally cool and useful.


This is just a sampling of recently posted articles by our rock-star authors...we have lots more cool content coming down the pipeline 🙂

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