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Still catching up on old email, but I did want to post that Windows Developer Power Tools was published last Friday, congrats to Jim Holmes and James Avery on pulling together a great collection of tools (170+ and over 1,300 pages). I personally authored the Visual Studio Express Chapter so I guess I can consider myself a writer now, and frankly I'm in good company in the book with Rob Howard, Sara Ford, Adam Nathan, and many others contributing.  James has a blog entry to wet your appetite on some of the tools, you can check out a sample chapter on O'Reilly Booksread an interview with Jim and James and of course order through Amazon.

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  1. Check out some of the great posts we got in response to our “unilaterally declaring Friday, January 19th

  2. Jim Holmes says:

    Dan, thanks so much for your contribution to the book.  James and I were lucky to have so many great folks knock out terrific content on terrific tools!

    FYI: we’ve just launched a companion site to the book at — that site will hold updates as tools continue to evolve.

    Again, thanks very much for your article!

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