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Earlier this week, I asked our Coding4Fun authors what they thought about moving Coding4Fun to being fully blog-based a la Engadget, Make, etc.

Many Coding4Fun readers don't know this, but Coding4Fun actually uses as its back-end blog engine and the MSDN presence at http:///  is really a “skin” if you will of that engine. Rather than having two sites, we’re considering on moving solely to with our msdn site still existing but it would just redirect to the blog.  


Why do this?


Advantages of moving to primarily a blog option

  • Built-in C4F only search so you can actually find articles
  • No formatting weirdness between sites where code looks good on the blog, but crappy on the MSDN site
  • No more disappearing articles where old articles can't be found because they are no longer visible through the RSS feed
  • Deeper categorization/tags – we can provide a much more thorough list of tags than we do today
  • Built-in comments so you can share your thoughts on articles
  • Easier to find in search engines
  • Less work for authors to publish
  • Version resilience – MSDN is moving to an new infrastructure that would tie up our dev resources
  • We would still have article redirection in place for previously published articles that would point to the blog
  • Printer-friendly articles, assuming we stick to some high-level authoring guidelines

Disadvantages of moving to primarily a blog option


Let me know what you think!

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  1. Jake Good says:

    I like the blog idea because it will secure the fact that if I subscribe to the feed… I’m getting ALL of the content.

    Right now I feel like I have to visit the site as well to get all of it… though visiting the site isn’t a bad thing, but right now I have to check my feed reader AND the site…


  2. Dan Fernandez has asked the Coding4Fun authors for a little feedback regarding Coding4Fun and now Dan

  3. orcmid says:

    That looks like a pure win for availability and consistent presence.  If it makes the dev life easier, that can’t be a bad thing either.

    I cast all my votes for the blog site.

  4. Go for the blog! The UI sexiness isn’t a prerequisite, and I’m sure you guys can come up with a nice CS skin. Just don’t put a tattooed man* on the front page. q;-)


  5. neil_m_stoker says:

    I reckon going for a  blog is wisest.  The site had that make over, but it still felt not quite right afterwards (not to knock the guys who did it – the graphics etc are fine and the intnetion was good, just somehow left me feeling the site was still not quite right…)

    On top of being able to find articles better if done as a blog, might also be able to find them more easily from search engines too (many many months back, the 2nd time I’d wanted to go check out the site, I’d forgotten the obscure URL and found it hard to find both from within Microsoft’s site and also from Google)

  6. Alex Ward says:

    Go for it Dan! The Coding4Fun site looks really nice, but a lot of times I want to refer a customer of ours to an article on the Coding4Fun site, but it was buried somewhere so I had to give them a call back so that I could find it.

    I personally would take functionality and ease of use on both our ends over a "sexy UI" anyday! But like you stated, you can always design/find a nice blog skin.

    – Alex

  7. Andrew says:

    I disagree that Coding4Fun should become a blog. I find blogs are good for stream of consciousness, tip-of-the-day type content but less appropriate for the more timeless "how-to" resources.

    Maybe I’m putting C4F in the wrong bucket but I see you guys as a "how-to" site that somebody can come to and find a bunch of ideas and tutorials to begin their coding adventures with.

    Blogs largely remove the effort needed to provide and maintain a consistent navigation scheme across the website and they provide a built-in formatting scheme which makes it easy to provide a simple back end content management system. However the lack of navigation and a time-based top level structure is likely to be a barrier for some of your target audience, IMHO.


  8. Carlos says:

    Hmm…if I wasn’t told I guess I would never find out C4F on msdn was like a skin of C4F blog…so I guess C4F on msdn brings more people to it. Altough, if you guys think it will bring more advantages and that will improve the site and the interaction with the community than I think you guys should choose the blog only.

    From now on I wont use C4F on msdn anymore…I will come directly to here (now that I know).

    So I say…Go for it!


  9. Ray says:

    Go for the blog – content and ease of search more important than sexy UI

  10. anony.muos says:

    Yeah blog only….its much easier to follow up and can accomodate feedback instantly.

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