AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft now available!

I’m proud to announce that AddOn Studio for World of Warcraft is now available to download from CodePlex! This was one of those personal projects done in my "free" time, but its amazing to see how well it turned out, kudos to our extensibility team and to the amazing folks at EPAM for building a…


Top 15 Things to love about Visual Studio 2008 Express

Visual Studio Express 2008 is now available for download!!   Our new Web site is!   Below are my top 15 things to love about Visual Studio Express 15. Free hosting for client-based Web sites with Popfly Explorer Using the Popfly Explorer Add-On, you can now build and design Web pages using HTML, JavaScript,…


Build and Publish Web Sites with Popfly Explorer Beta

I’m back in Seattle after attending TechEd Europe earlier in the week. It was an absolute blast and thanks to everyone who came to the overflowed Popfly session! Tony Goodhew and I did demos in Soma’s keynote, check out Patrik and Andrew’s blogs for a recap on the keynote: Patrik Löwendahl’s:  Live from the keynote…


The Stages for New Employees at Microsoft

Phil Haack blogged about how, as a new Microsoft employee, he’s drinking through the firehose [FYI to Phil: Brian Goldfarb has been using this as the motto on his blog since 2003, before Dare’s post] and I’d thought I’d add my two cents to the lifecycle of new employees. Microsoft absolutely has a "sink-or-swim" mentality…


Popfly Goes Public!

What an exciting time, the whole Popfly team has been working on towards our open beta announcement at the Web 2.0 Summit just a few hours ago and I was lucky enough to demo Popfly in action with John Battelle and Steve Ballmer on stage (see Barron’s blog for a full write-up). Want to pimp…


Cribs for Geeks: Who’s Geek-Crib would you want to see?

Jeff Sandquist is looking for potential Microsoft employees who wouldn’t mind showing how they’ve pimped their house with technology like X10, Windows Media Center, Windows Home Server, and more. This is an awesome idea and it rocks that Jeff and team are doing this. Amusingly, I dug up an old email from June, 2004 with…


Visual Studio Content Survey

As Kathleen McGrath blogged about in detail, we’re running a survey on Visual Studio content with the goal of improving this over time. Please give us feedback 🙂


.NET Framework Source Code Libraries now available

Check out Scott Guthrie’s blog post for information and screenshots.   Yes, you’ll have to sign a license for it (reference license), but this is huge and a big request from customers to be able to step into actual .NET/BCL code. Currently available is Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Base Class Libraries (BCL), and more…


Non-Pro Team Travel Schedule

* A couple of updates here Our team has a packed schedule in the coming weeks and months 🙂 September 20th (Dave Bost): Chicago Popfly Demo at Silicon Prarie Social September 24th (Me): Halo 3 Silicon Valley Pre-Launch Party (on Facebook): I’m doing Popfly workshops at the Microsoft SVC Campus September 25th (Me): AJAXWorld Keynote…


How to fix Flash video on Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 7.0

I’ve had this problem occur on two PCs so I thought I would post the fix (courtesy of Brian Keller) since I’m likely not the only person running into this. Go to this page to install Flash (uncheck Google Toolbar, no idea what that has to do with Flash) You’ll get a confirmation screen that…