DevDiv Hotfix Public Availability Program

As many customers, like Frans Bouma and many others have pointed out, its too hard to get a hotfix for Visual Studio as this involves actually calling support to gain access. Well, there’s a pilot program aimed at helping fix this launched by the DDCPX team (read Josh’s announcement here) that should help this. It’s only…


Coding4Fun v2 is now up!

It’s alive! Thanks again to everyone who helped vote on the redesign, we are now officially live! The other good news is that Clint Rutkas is now our new Coding4Fun blogger and will be providing daily updates. Now we just have to sort through the big content backlog and get the content on the site.


MicroSpeak: Lightswitch Shift

Lightswitch Shift: A unit of measurement for how long your workday is, defined as at least 14 hours. The terminology comes from buildings in the Redmond campus which use energy saving features whereby office lights will automatically go off between 9pm and 7am.  A lightswitch shift refers to an employee that started the work day…


Coding4Fun v2 Update: Final Designs

Thanks again to the 160+ of you who voted on the Coding4Fun redesign!  As you know, the Glass design took first place, but many of you loved (and even emailed me) about Metal’s icons and I liked them too and the team at Personify Design has been working on incorporating these two together into the…


VS Express New Partner Announcements: Z-Wave Home Automation & Flight Simulator X

Last week, at Digital Life, we announced two new partnerships which expand the reach of hobbyist and enthusiast developers even further than before. Intermatic and ControlThink PartnershipMicrosoft has  partnered with Intermatic to better enable DIY developers to create custom home automation projects using Intermatics HomeSettings Kit. The goal here is to provide the hardware, API, and tools to make home automation…


XNA Game Studio Express – Toronto Game Camp and SpaceWar Webcast

*Updated to include Seattle Code Camp (per Z-man) Seattle Code Camp – October 27-28thThere are many XNA sessions including:  Exploring the XNA Framework by Mitch Walker Introduction to the Programmable Pipeline in XNA by Rick Hoskinson Making an XNA Game for the Xbox 360 by Charles Cox XNA Balls by Jason Mauer   Toronto Game Camp…


SQL Server Express on Vista

The SQL Server Express team has published how to get SSE working on Windows Vista.


Coding4Fun – Round 1 Voting is in!

Round 1 of voting for the Coding4Fun Redesign is over and thank you for the 120+ of you who let your opinion be known! Special ThanksBefore we get started, I wanted to give special thanks goes out to Personify Design, the design and development company that created these very cool designs. ScoringScoring was a little…


Vote Today For Your Favorite Coding4Fun Redesign

As I mentioned in my previous post, we are redesigning Coding4Fun and we want *you* to help choose the new design. Redesign SummaryThe current content on Coding4Fun is disorganized and primarily structured by author or event. This makes it frustrating to find the content on the site. For Coding4Fun v2, we are redesigning the site content into…


Made In Express Winners Announced

The Winners Are In! Today we officially announced the winners to the Made In Express Contest including the Grand Prize ($10,000 US), First Prize, and Community Choice winners. The competition was tight and the voting even produced a tie for first place. Rather than breaking the tie, we’ve decided to recognize two First Prize awards! Read…