Personal Note to Joystiq: There is no Coding4Fun Wii60 Conspiracy

Some of you may have seen the recent Joystiq post “MS gift guide suggests Wii controller”, also linked to here and here quoted below. Ever since Peter Moore made his famous statement ostensibly encouraging people to buy a Nintendo Wii, the Wii60 ideal of Nintendo/Microsoft solidarity has become something of a phenomenon. The idea of the…


What Random Stuff do you have in your office?

After spending three years here, our team is moving from Building 42 to Building 17. I really liked Building 42, besides being more modern, the 42 dwellers seem to be much more in-touch. For example, Bldg 42 housed many well-known bloggers like Chris Anderson, Soma, Scott Guthrie, Don Box, among others, and I frankly don’t know any Buiding…


XNA Open House Pictures, and the XNA Acronym

As Major Nelson mentioned in his blog post, XNA had an open house on Monday night at the Xbox campus. Here’s a video of the launch event including Major Nelson interviewing Dave Weller.   Unfortunately I only had my camera phone, so the pictures aren’t great, but here’s an XNA game running on the Xbox   Here’s…


Sara Ford shows off the Scrolling LED Belt Buckle

Last week, Clint published the Coding4Fun Holiday Gift Guide 2006 and I spammed some internal Microsoft aliases that I thought would be interested in the list of presents. Long story short, it turns out that our own Sara Ford happens to be the proud owner of one of our picks for the top 10 presents for…


Announcing Microsoft Robotics Studio RTM

Congratulations to the Microsoft Robotics Studio team for RTM’ing!   Non-Commercial Use: Robotics Studio is available for free to download  Commercial License: For commercial applications or business operations, you must purchase a commercial license, available for online purchase for $399.   More information on Coding4Fun via Clint or the Robotics Studio Home Page


XNA Game Studio Express RTM’d – Create Pong on your Xbox

Congratulations to the XNA team for getting XNA Game Studio Express out the door!  You can Download Game Studio Express here  Clint has a good summary on the Coding4Fun blog  XNA Blog Announcement Details  To get you started, Coding4Fun’s ZMan has a how-to article on building your first XNA game, Pong, err, TinyTennis. XNA Party Tonight…


Holiday Season on Coding4Fun!

Big props to Brian Peek and Clint Rutkas for some great Coding4Fun holiday content!   How to create your own Animated Musical Holiday Light ShowEver wondered how to create those animated musical holiday light shows that you’ve seen on YouTube? Now you can with this step-by-step article that shows how to build a .NET animated…