Coding4Fun v2 is now up!

It's alive!

Thanks again to everyone who helped vote on the redesign, we are now officially live! The other good news is that Clint Rutkas is now our new Coding4Fun blogger and will be providing daily updates. Now we just have to sort through the big content backlog and get the content on the site.

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  1. Rob Caron says:

    From Daniel Fernandez’s blog , a revamped Coding4Fun site is now online. It’s alive! Thanks again to

  2. Grim says:

    Any chance you guys might un-break the RSS feed, now that you intend to start having content again?

  3. CoqBlog says:

    Vous aviez peut être voter pour lui , découvrez le nouveau design du site Coding4Fun : Coding4Fun . C’est

  4. DanielFe and team shipped a new design for Coding4Fun — it ROCKS, definitley check it out Get more info

  5. Kyle McCarthy says:

    Please, please reinstate the beginning game development section with the articles from Derek Pierson they were very helpful and I think it would be a great loss to the iste if these disappeared, are there plans to put these back up?

  6. OneHorseTownMan says:

    Where’s the link to downloads of code samples as mentioned in some of the articles (eg SudokuFX)?

    Also, the MSDN web site seems to have lost or forgotten all the previous Coding4Fun stuff – where has it gone?

    JohnT (OneHorseTownMan)

  7. Sondre says:

    I’m sorry but the new design looks like it’s from the 90’s and I was trying to find where you had used the BLINK tag. But seriously, that design has to be re-done quickly, it’s horrible.

  8. All,

    The Beginner Game Development articles are back up under Gaming>>Arcade as are the previous C4F articles – please let me know if something is missing/fell through the cracks.

    To Sondre: The new design was decided by 170+ Coding4Fun readers, so if you don’t like it, blame them 🙂

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