XNA Game Studio Express Download Now Available

It's alive!!! Start downloading now. You will need to download Visual C# 2005 Express Edition to build games using Game Studio Express.

Support: XNA Forum
More info: XNA Blog

Comments (14)
  1. vg says:

    So let’s see what it’s like

  2. John Worthington says:

    i am extremely excited about this release!

  3. alfalah says:

    i need this sourcecode

  4. Michael Spence says:

    Want to see want XNA is all about

  5. Eternal says:

    Frankly, I think it should use Visual C++ instead of C#. I am much more comfortable using C++, as I have alot more experience in it.

  6. juan manuel garcía says:

    So let’s see what it’s like

  7. hitesh gupta says:

    i am doing computer engeneering from pec, chandigarh. i like to do something different invention in technology. this mine dream and for it i am searching each and every day and existing technology… i thanks for giving games downloader…..

    thank you once again

  8. hitesh gupta says:

    thanku for giving games developer

  9. el bicho says:

    soo………on to what really matters…games…!

  10. Adam Walker says:

    i’ve always wanted to make games, so lets see what i can do

  11. westone says:

    If someone know billiard table, we can supply Chinese billiard slate


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