Groove is in the Heart – DIY Disco Dance Floor

File this under the coolest use of C# ever...Clint Rutkas, rock star, built a homemade LED Disco Dance Floor (as seen on Digg) and recently he wrote a "how-to" article on Coding4Fun!! I seriously want to build one of these for my office in my "free" time 🙂

You should definitely check out the collection of YouTube videos and his party pictures to see it in action.  The article is great and Clint manages to pull off a mix of Hanselman technical pragmatism, and Rory-esque humor which makes for an educational and entertaining read.

PS - I know the formatting needs to be fixed on the code samples

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  1. Clint Rutkas says:

    Thanks for letting me do the article.  I have some more weird ideas in the pipe line.

  2. Bruce says:

    It brings me back to Saturday Night Fever, to the days…

    When the Bee Gees Were Three

    words and music by Dr. BLT (c)2006


    aka Dr. BLT

    King of Blog n Roll

  3. Bob Rutkas says:

    Makes me want to break out my leasure suite!!

    Now all I need to do is talk Clint in to building a disco floor for my playroom.  After all, I am his proud father, (Not that that ever meant anything though.)

    Hmmm … fat chance.

    Guess I’ll have to read the article.

  4. rob says:

    need to know how to MAKE dico floor, anyone can help plz email me cheers

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