Made In Express Contest – Finalists Start Coding

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Made In Express Contest, it’s a two-stage process where the first stage is simply submitting your idea (no coding involved) and if your idea is deemed good enough, then you will move on to Stage two where you will work on actually creating your project. We’ve just announced the finalists on, below are pictures and details on their projects. Each contestant also has a blog where you can track their progress as they start coding and, starting in mid August, you’ll be able to vote for who you think should win the community choice award. Scoble, Phil Torrone, and Chris Pirillo are going to have a hard time judging


Sanchez Roman Canlas
Makati City, Metro Manila
Project: A curmudgeon chat bot

Chris Fuenty
Huntley, Illinois
Project: AJAX-based IRC client


Ernie Hall
Cincinnati, Ohio
Project: All terrain self-maneuverable robot

Mark Johnson
Portland, Oregon
Project: Public video-editing ecosystem


Edmon Begoli
Knoxville, Tennessee
Project: An X-10 smart house system

Jonas Martinsson
Petah Tikva, Israel
Project: Personalized print newspaper/magazine

Daniel Bryars
Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire
Great Britain
Project: Mood-based virtual DJ


Daniel Crenna
Guelph, Ontario
Project: Custom poker bot

Neil Bamber
Rockingham, Western Australia
Project: A relationship tracking system


Ali Khalid
Lahore, Punjab
Project: Instant IM Translation

Tim Shay
Salisbury, North Carolina
Project: A community oriented web-based radio station

Douglas Steen
Boulder, Colorado
Project: Graspits


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  1. Dan Fernandez gives an update

    on the Made in Express Contest

    I had a quick look and noticed…

  2. Via Dan’s

    Aquí estan los ganadores del concurso Made In Express. Se ven interesantes los proyectos….

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