Managed code on Xbox 360 Developer Kits

Mike Zintel, Compact Framework guru blogs about getting ready for the Game Developer Conference next week:

I also know that working with the Xbox team has been among the most enjoyable and productive cross group work that I’ve done. I know that my team and the XNA team within Xbox, have been burning the midnight oil to allow us to demonstrate the feasibility of games written in managed code running on a .NET CLR on a final 360 dev kit. And I know that we’ve demonstrated the same game binary (almost the same; oh so close) running on the 360 kit, Windows and on Windows Mobile.

Then David Weller chimes in

Speaking of XNA....we have some wicked cool stuff to announce and demonstrate at the GDC.  We even have a prototype of a CLR-based graphics app running on a 360 dev kit!  Drool-tastic 😛

I do want to say one thing about Tom's departure from the DirectX doesn't mean the end of DirectX support in the Common Language Runtime.  Quite the opposite.  We love the CLR and we are seeing more and more adoption and usage of the CLR in conjunction with DirectX applications.  We will have some exciting announcements in the not too distant future about where we are going along that path.  Stay tuned!

In Summary: I. Love. This. Company.

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  1. Matt says:

    Would be interested to know what the current binary differences are.  Also, how long did it take to port the CLR to the PowerPC, and how much work was involved.

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