Join the Visual Studio Engineer-to-Engineer Program

Karl Melder and team have created another mechanism for you to give feedback on Visual Studio with the E2E Connection Program. Here's the details, but if you want to help influence the next version of Visual Studio, sign up!


You can actively influence and shape the next version of Microsoft Visual Studio! 

To improve our next release, Microsoft wants to connect everyday users of Visual Studio 2005 with our internal engineers – Engineer-to-Engineer.  We’re looking for you to give us feedback on how to make the current product better.  If you use Visual Studio 2005 as part of your daily work, you are invited to participate in a one-time 1-4 hour survey, and then to join our Engineer-to-Engineer (E2E) Connection Program with opportunities to continue your participation beyond our initial survey.  Participation is totally voluntary and it’s up to you to decide your level of participation.  Participation ranges from our one-time survey to future direct-interaction with product teams in defining our product.

Each time you are selected (and are able) to participate in one of our E2E Connection Program activities, you can select a gratuity of your choice from our extensive library of titles.  Gratuities include several of our software packages ranging from Visual Studio Pro through Xbox games. 

 If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Andy (  If you are a good match, we will ask you to complete our survey in March.  We appreciate your consideration regarding participation in our E2E Connection Program. 

Comments (8)

  1. Thomas says:

    If I’m rigth, this is only for US Customers for the moment.

    Can you confirm this ?


  2. Hi Thomas, thanks for the question. I followed up with the team and yes, you can enter if you live outside the US, but the only caveat is you won’t be eligible for the gratuity mentioned above.


  3. There’s a new program for you to help guide future Visual Studio development.

    Sounds nice to me….

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi Dan,

    I’m interesting in this program and so, I’ve sent an email to Andy during the past week but I’m still with no news from her.

    Is it normal ?


  5. I definately want to get involved with this. I’ve been using .NET since its NGWS/VS.NET 2002 TAP days and care a lot about where the tools are going. Heck, the devenv IDE *is* my desktop.

  6. Dev Emporium says:

    Just read this on Dan Fernandez’s blog, (I know, I’m a couple of weeks late… but I’ve been busy, ok?)….

  7. Diego says:

    Thomas, I cannot say if this is normal, but Andrew answered my email then said he would call me next days. I did not receive any news about the E2E program since then. I guess it is possible that there were too many applicants or something.

  8. kwaku says:

    I need some who can give tips recording and mixing

     thank ….

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