Music To Code By Vol 5 – "Hunt the Wumpus"

DJ Bolivia's officially released Music to Code By Vol 5 "Hunt the Wumpus" and it's another winner!

Don't get the "Hunt the Wumpus" reference, Wikipedia can give you all the details

"Hunt the Wumpus" - Music To Code By, Volume 5 of 6
64 minutes of Progressive/Tribal House
Download the MP3 or listen to the stream

Note: As DJ Bolivia points out track 9's lyrics may not be the best if you're a cube 🙂


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  1. Cool music..

    Acctualy good to code to. But Why do i feel like drinking beers at the same time 🙂

  2. X.Static says:

    Haha, he wasn’t kidding about track 9…great stuff!

  3. srjasfer says:

    Music To Code By Vol 5 – "Hunt the Wumpus"&quot

  4. srjasfer says:

    Your wish

  5. No, this isn’t about coding for live , but rather a relatively new movement called Live coding where

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