Rusty wants you to join the C# Test Team

The C# team currently has four software development positions in Test and Rusty blogs about the cool tools used internally including CompilerFX, TAO, and DELTA. Check it out and email the team at

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  1. shivam says:

    I m shivam Upadhya! I have completed My C# course & want to join a project team so that I can experience to be a project team member.

        thank U,

  2. Jojo says:

    how do i get this job.

  3. moholo says:

    I will like to learn C# in details

  4. I’s so interesting, i want the job too.

  5. Parastoo says:

    I learned c# in details and I am glad to join team

  6. Veeral says:

    G’day Dan,

    Just wondering if the aforementioned position is still open for application ? Further, are you considering applicants from outside the US ?



  7. Yes, as I wrote before email for more information 🙂

  8. cnqing says:

    there is little information about verson 2.0. in china

  9. Majid Magsudfar says:

    I also Like to join to your Team !!!

  10. Shreyash Singh says:

    I would like to join the group,

    Plz let me know the possibility..


  11. ajnavi rani says:

    i wanna join this group, what is the possibility to be added

  12. Hung, Nguyen Viet says:

    I like C# and want to join your team.


    Hung, Nguyen Viet


  13. Pooja says:

    Yes i want to join ur team….

    I love working in, i like to learn new .Net concepts

  14. Hmmm says:

    learn to spell correctly before asking for a job

  15. Kannu says:

    Whom r u commenting Mr.Hmmm…..

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