Official Visual Studio Servicing Site

I'm actually surprised that this didn't make more noise, but we officially launched a Visual Studio Servicing Web site that includes timeframes for when the Developer Division will release Visual Studio service packs.

Snipped from the site:

  • Visual Studio 2003 Service Pack 1 ships Q2, 2006
  • Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 ships Q3, 2006


Comments (2)
  1. Warren Stevens says:

    1) "Q2 2006" is way too vague considering it is already "Q1 2006". You should be able to narrow it down to a 2-week window when the date is only a month or two away.

    2) Making us wait until "Q2 2006" for SP1 of Visual Studio 2003 is simply outrageous! THREE YEARS !!!!

    3) Why must we have to "contact by phone or email" to get hotfixes? This is madness and a total waste of our time. Why not just have a list of available hot-fixes, and some big disclaimer that they’re not well tested. This is NOT a consumer tool. You’re dealing with developers here.

    They know what "untested" is, and have made the decision that "untested" is better than dealing with the bug.

    If you want to know why people are moving over to open source, ultra-frustrating policies like these are one big reason.

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