C9’er Designed Express Wallpaper

Thanks to Charles for sending me this link, but Sushovan De posted on Channel9 some cool Visual Studio Express themed wallpaper for all the Express products!

Higher Res Image Links

Very Cool!

Comments (7)

  1. OPC Diary says:

    Dan Fernandez’s Blog : C9’er Designed Ex…

  2. Sushovan says:

    Hey, I am so happy you liked the wallpapers!

  3. Ian says:



  4. Joseph Rice says:

    Nice Wallpapers..  They Look great.

  5. Jim says:

    Thanks for the wallpapers!  Any chance you can create one for Visual Studio 2005 (as opposed to the Express editions)?

  6. Stigern says:

    How about some 1680×1050 ones? *please*

    These was great!

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