Holiday Gifts for Developers

Tis the season of giving, and well, if you’re a developer, wouldn’t you like to receive gifts that you can actually play around with and write code against? Wouldn’t it be great if there was an online guide highlighting extensible hardware and software for developers? Yes, it’s the first of its kind, the Coding4Fun Holiday Gift Guide….


coolest.job.ever – Express Product Manager

**Edit: This position is still open and is now listed on You can find it by searching for Job Code: 151967. Who says Microsoft doesn’t have fun? Well, In my new position I’m currently hiring for what can only be described as the coolest job ever. Read below for all the details: Technical Product Manager…



At Microsoft, the only constant is change… It’s been a wild ride as the C# Product Manager, but I’m officially changing jobs and to become the Lead Product Manager for the Visual Studio Express product line. Leaving C# was a hard decision, especially because IMNSHO, the C# team is one of the best teams in…