Visual Studio Service Pack Roadmap

Scott Wiltamuth blogs about the Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Visual Studio 2005 service packs in response to the issues bloggers have been having with Visual Studio 2005.

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  1. Pete says:

    At this moment in time, VS 2005 still stinks. We’ve even got issues that I reported during beta of VS 200*2* still present.

    Final release will be available with SP1 (MS)

  2. Scott says:

    Well, I am not sure how many or on what scale you have used VS 2005, but in my opinion, it is the best yet. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have issues, but considering it’s previous versions, this one has the most promise.

    I too reported issues that were not fixed during various iterations, but when you evaluate the overall progress of the tool suite, it surpasses other development tools like Eclispe.


  3. kulit says:

    see previous post

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