Getting Visual Studio 2005

Soma just broke the news so we can now all talk about it, Visual Studio 2005 has officially RTM'd!

So how can you get the product?

  • Subscriber Downloads:  If you're an MSDN Subscriber, login and start downloading the RTM version of Visual Studio Team Suite today. This has to be one of the best benefits of being a subscriber...early access to bits 🙂

  • Physical "box" Products: Manufacturing can take approximately 6-8 weeks (or more) to get the product complete and into the channel (resellers, Amazon, etc).

  • Download Express: The downloadable versions of Visual Studio Express will be made available on November 7th 2005.

  • Localized Products: The localization teams are working hard on getting localized versions of Visual Studio out over the next coming weeks and months. Visual Studio is localized into Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.

Updating MSDN for Launch - You may notice that isn't fully updated for the RTM product. The site content is being revamped for launch and will go live on the official launch date, November 7th 2005.



* RTM: Release To Manufacturing



Comments (10)
  1. ZMan says:

    CD1, CD2 and CD3 – how very 1995…

    Where’s the DVD image?

    Just kidding I’m sure its coming.

    "Error while initiating file transfer. Error Code = 11001. Please contact customer support."

    Darn it – either its very busy or they are not really there yet….

  2. Daniel K says:

    This really saves the day! Thanks!

    Daniel K.

  3. Zman says:

    How odd, a couple of hours after I made the last comment the download list changed – no Express editions and the CD images are replaced with DVD images and finally the download works… I guess I was just too early.


  4. James Knowles says:

    Well done 😉 I am downloading it now. Please pass on my congrats to the Team there 😉 Has been worth the wait 😉


  5. Shawn says:


    Stinkin’ download just went down, been downloading all day, was at 80% with VS2005 and 59% with SQL2005. Now getting the dreaded 11001 message…they never can just get it right. <sigh>

  6. R says:

    Are they going to offer Visual C# 2005 Pro apart from the Visual Studio package? So far all I see is pricing on Express Editions and Visual Studio. Yeah, MS makes a nice IDE but I’d much rather pay $100 for a decent C# compiler than pass on the load of uselessness the $800+ packages ship with :/

  7. To R’s question on Visual C# Pro, there is only one Visual Studio Standard and Pro. More importantly, there is one and only one C# compiler. The same compiler is used in the .NET Framework SDK, C# Express, Visual Studio Standard, Pro, and Team System.



  8. MCN002 says:

    I want to have a chinese version of Visual Studio. Right now i m using the English Version, can i change it in chinese version?

  9. Good question,

    You can order the Chinese version of Visual Studio at

  10. Adam says:

    I have got a chinese version of visual studio 2005 is it possible to get a language pack to translate it into english?

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