Pre-RTM Visual Studio 2005 Automatic Uninstall Tool

It’s highly recommended that you install the RTM version of Visual Studio 2005 on a clean machine. But…but…we realize a lot of people have installed some pre-release version of Visual Studio 2005, and to that end, the setup team has created our “best effort” for uninstalling the product, which is the (also unsupported) Automatic uninstall tool….


Getting Visual Studio 2005

Soma just broke the news so we can now all talk about it, Visual Studio 2005 has officially RTM’d! So how can you get the product? Subscriber Downloads:  If you’re an MSDN Subscriber, login and start downloading the RTM version of Visual Studio Team Suite today. This has to be one of the best benefits of being a…


All PDC Sessions available for free for Six Months

Very cool stuff via Mike Swanson’s blog post – 250 hours of content from 200 sessions online available for all. The only question his post *doesn’t* answer is when it’ll be made available. So, how do you get all this goodness? That’s the best answer of all. If you attended PDC05, it’ll be automatically shipped to you…


MS Federal Developer Blog

If you’re a developer/architect that works for the federal government, our fed govt. evangelism team has started a blog just for you. Check it out at: Lots of good VSTS nuggets for your reading pleasure. Subscribed.


Sun and Google announce Web Office *Or not*

The cat is finally out of the proverbial bag. Details here “soon”. Edit: Man, was I (and a lot of the Web) wrong. Sun and Google hold a major press conference to announce, get ready to sit down for this, the Google Toolbar with Java Runtime Environment (JRE). I really have to say this is…