The One LINQ Document You Need to Read now available on MSDN as an HTML page, the LINQ Project Overview.  Huge thanks to Don and Anders (and the many, many others that contributed to this doc) as I think it's really the best overview of all of the LINQ capabilities. Read it, study it, love it. We're passing out about 5,000 printed copies of this at PDC for attendees 🙂




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  1. Since the first time that I watched anders on channel 9 last year talked about c# 3.0 theoritically, I fell in love with the technology, now that is public available, I am more than happy. I will take some time to study it and give my feedbacks for any issues that I may come across. .NET is really! Now I believe I have future in .NET. Kudos to anders father of c#, father of xml don box and you daniel fernando.

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