P’wned at 30,000 feet

Did I mention I love Scandinavian airlines (SAS)? I *LOVE* them. I plan to fly them any time I travel across the atlantic Why? Besides being  good airline, their fleet has been equipped with wireless internet access throughout the plane (and the entire transatlantic fleet). That's right, for $30 US you can work and surf your entire flight!! Not only that, they have full power cords, so there's no longer a need to carry a bulky power converter that's only for the plane. On the flight back, I had a 3-way IM conversation with B1 and B2 on Messenger. It was very cool if nothing more then for the novelty.

Back to the title of this post, I logged into World of Warcraft, a MMORPG and IMHO one of the top 10 games *ever*. I had some bad initial lag (being in lagIronForge didn't help) and  I started to get a ping time around 700-2Kms. Not fast enough for Half Life 2, but good enough for rooting/nuking my way through about 5 HKs before I logged off. I'll have to post pictures of the dead...

If you're traveling to Europe any time soon, I highly recommend taking SAS.


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  1. So, I know you are on a PvP server, and you are an Alliance, but which server are you on? I’m on Skullcrusher.

    We should try and hook up in the game sometime. From what you said, it seems you are probably a level 60. What guild are you in, and what size is it? Are you maxed out in equipment?

    Ok, I’m seriously geeking out on this. Get back to me, let me know. =)

  2. Dan Fernandez says:

    Hey Nick,

    So what class/race are you? I haven’t had enough time to play so I’m not an uber-level 60…yet. I’m a lvl 47 elven Druid on Uldum (non-PVP) in the Dancing Blades guild. On a normal server, you can type ‘/pvp’ to switch to PVP and not have to worry about getting killed during normal adventuring by Horde. You don’t need to be I love WoW, I really need to schedule more "personal time" to get my character to 60.

    Have you had a chance to build any custom add-ins for WoW? I’ve heard of some people that were looking to build an add-in for Eclipse to build WoW add-ins. If anybody I know has played with the API, I figured you had. If you build anything cool, let me know and we’ll put in on http://msdn.microsoft.com/coding4fun/


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