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Want to learn how to create your own game step-by-step? How about being able to learn from some of the best? DigiPen is presenting an 8-Part webcast series on Game Development using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition.

From the abstract: Presenters demonstrate the key stages in developing a game engine through the creation of a top-down shooter game called "Star Trooper," using Visual C# 2005 Express Edition, a new development environment from Microsoft designed for beginner programmers.

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We've also updated the Coding4Fun site with some cool new articles:

Jeff Key shows off URLBuddy, an incredibly useful and beautiful task tray application that listens to your clipboard for URLs. The "Recent URLs" feature is alone to make me want to send money to Jeff directly 🙂 


Using the Google Web Services - Peter Bernhardt shows off how easy it is to databind data returned from a Web service by showing a multi-language Google Search page.

We've also added a new Q&A Article series featuring the ZMan from this entry, the Zman walks through the details of how textures and meshs work and how you can apply a texture to a mesh.  

Ask the ZMan: Applying Textures 

Sean Campbell walks through a ResearchHelper application which automatically searches Google, Google Groups, Google News, Feedster, and Technorati


Bill Evjen show's how to Extend the Personal Web Site Starter Kit



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  1. Ian Smith says:

    Has the Google code been updated? The version available over the weekend won’t build under beta 2. It has a casting error and a reference to a method that doesn’t exist that stop it building. Plus a ton of warnings about obsolete/deprecated properties and methods that will disappear post beta 2. I did email the author (as listed on gotdotnet where the download is) saying this was a poor advert for Beta 2 when the code being put up wasn’t even being checked but never heard back.

  2. Dan Fernandez says:

    Good question, let me check on the Google example…

  3. Brian Keller says:

    Sorry for the delay – the Google code was updated today, please check it out. And thanks for reporting the issue!

    – Brian Keller & The Coding4Fun Team

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