Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 is out!!



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Go-Live - You can officially "Go-Live" with Beta 2 in a production environment

NOTE: If you installed Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 and you *don't* want to have to format your hard drive, make sure to follow the instructions for uninstalling Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 before installing Beta 2.




Comments (9)

  1. DEvHammer says:

    Darn! You beat my post by 7 minutes. 🙂

    I’ll add a link to yours, since you’ve got the Go-Live and Beta 1 Uninstall goodness, too.

  2. Dono says:

    Any idea why Japan is not listed as a valid country to get Beta 2 sent to?

  3. VS.NET 2005 Beta 2 is released…

  4. Jim Holmes says:

    There’s a pretty amuzing, snarky thread on Slashdot about the "Go-Live" situation. Most of the slasherdoters seem fixated on the "Beta" label rather than the stability and functionality of the software. Yeesh.

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