Visual Studio Express February CTP Now Available

A new set of Express Community Tech Preview (CTP) SKUs are now available for download. Besides new features which may or may not be stable, we also have a new product activation model where you can use Express for 30 days without having to register. After 30 days you'll need to register Express to continue using it.

I'll speak more about registration later




Comments (11)
  1. SmartGuy says:

    The previous version runs slowly than I expected.

  2. me says:

    direct links please. I hate MS pr0n-like downloading with 10 cyclic links

  3. Alex says:

    A more direct link is this. From here you can download whatever you need.

  4. zzz says:

    Alex: It seems those are not direct links, only the SQL server download seems to be entirely available at this moment, for others it seems you must use the setup to download and then try to pick up the downloaded files from a temporary directory, though I have yet to see if this really is the case..

  5. Kevin Daly says:

    I’m still holding out for Beta 2 (Sigh)

    PS. I hope that product activation thing is not a harbinger of things to come with Visual Studio, because you *know* how much everybody loves product activation ("…Think of it as not so much having bought the software as paid for the right to use it, provided you ask us nicely. Often.").

    Less Whiny PS: Will there be an Express CTP (or Beta) synchronised with the upcoming Avalon/Indigo CTP? I’ve found that Visual C# Express is an excellent tool for trying out the Avalon bits (extremely low fat, starts so quickly that it’s usually sitting there smugly waiting for me to do something when I haven’t realised it’s already loaded)

  6. zzz says:

    I guess one should not try to uninstall previous C# express and then install February CTP. I did remove all registry entries that the old install left behind, but forgot to check the temp directory for the previously downloaded BITS.. So running the Feb CTP setup installed the Oct CTP from the temp dir. No wonder it took only a second or so to "download" the Feb CTP files 🙂

  7. vel says:

    Is it possible just to download VS Express (February CTP) and install without using BITS?
    <br>For us who are behind proxies who need authorization it is not possible to install by just loading installers you gave link to.

  8. Sankar.B says:

    Ive tried downloading them using the automatic downloader. But no use. Can anyone give us the Direct URL for all the February CTP Express Editions.

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