My Top 10 Visual C# 2005 IDE Enhancements

My article on VSLive! is now up on the web with my "Top 10 Visual C# 2005 IDE Enhancements". The toughest part was making the call on whether to include Visual Studio Team System features or not. I decided against adding them as they deserve their own list. What do you all think? Did I miss something?

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  1. matt says:

    Yeah… and will we even see this stuff in the year 2005? 😉

    Does anyone in the world actually know when this thing is going to ship? I keep hearing about all of the great stuff that is going to be in it. Yet I’m not really that confident that this is nothing more than marketing lip service. And please don’t ask me to install and work with something that is still in Beta…

  2. LOL, I don’t know. Our Beta 2 is Q1 of this year and we’re making it stable enough to have customers "Go Live" using it in production environments. I don’t want to give you "lip service" on when this will ship. The best place for more information is the Release Team’s blog

    or the C9 DevDiv page

    I know this isn’t the answer your looking for, sorry.

  3. Yea, it is starting to get annoying…the other day I came across some 1+ year-old MSDN magazines that had Whidbey on the cover. A year later, and it still isn’t here; and still no firm ship date.

  4. a good apple says:

    Not likely before Sept 2005 (PDC) and then only an "RC" I believe I’ve read somewhere…

  5. David Betz says:

    Good call on the #0! 0-based stuff rules! My favorite is the XHTML support. If something doesn’t follow anal standards then it’s obviously programmatic slang and therefore useless. My second would be the intellisense actually working in MID LINE!


    HtmlTextWriter b =

    and then I want to hit Ctrl-J…Nothing in VS.NET 2003. Man that drove me nuts.

    Third, edit and continue. Cool…now I can have that and the VB losers can’t harass me.

  6. I’m so used to E&C from Visual C++, it will save a bunch of time when tweaking you code and fixing these little silly bugs. Also of course Refactoring I think will be a hit, so many times I wanted to change a stupid name to something better but without support it’s just takes to long time to do it to justify the name change. Code snippets are a good idea to achieve uniform code in projects with several programmers. It will be a useful complement to any project’s coding guidelines.

  7. m akif ozdemir says:

    Maybe in the IDE would be more functionalities about intellisense. Example if i hit CTRL+J,M then list only methods or CTRL+J,P properties, if i hit CTRL+J,C classes, and if i hit CTRL+J,H list only the members of derived class not members of parents etc.

  8. Erik says:

    #0… Lol =)

    Nice list! I don’t use refactoring all that much, so my personal #0 would have had to be the IntelliSense Code Snippets; I’ve been using them non-stop since I discovered them!

  9. Peter Gloor says:

    In addition I love the new UI design features that allows me to align the UI elements much better and faster.


  10. Ted Vreeland says:

    Hey Dan,

    Here’s a couple things I think would be awesome additions to the IDE:

    – Matching Braces (if I enter an open brace automatically add the closing brace).

    – Region +/- Expansion for statements (if, while, switch, foreach, for, try, catch, etc..)

    – Try/Catch (automatically create the catch statement and braces when I type ‘try’ – it has to be there so you might as well add it for me).

  11. PP says:

    I have a comment to add that in supplement to what "m akif ozdemir" has asked for

    Insted of tying every property as

    Obj.Prop1 = Blah1

    Obj.Prop2 = Blah2

    Obj.Prop3 = Blah3


    There should be easy way to get this inserted automagically or may be "Some Snippet" should be provided

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