No NHL hockey this year :(

I'm late to report this, but I think it sucks that it happened and it's bad for the sport. Seattle Thunderbirds are still playing though....

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  1. Vic Berggren says:

    Hey Dan –

    Bummer eh? It’s the Oldsmar Sandsharks (Juniors) for me

  2. Jeff Key says:

    Sucks big time. Hopefully they’ll use this opportunity to overhaul the game, because it’s in a really sad state. The regular season is a chore to watch.

  3. Ben Martin says:

    So are these guys:

    And since, if my understanding is correct, more people in Chicago watch them than their NHL team, probably not much of a loss for them 🙂

  4. Ron says:

    I’m with Jeff. While I don’t like all the changes the NHL is going to implement (shootouts, ugh), I’m glad to see they are working on scoring. I’d also like to see them drop 18 games from each team’s regular season.

    Of course, I want to see a financialy stable league. I don’t think it needs to pander to the lowest common denominator of owner (revenue sharing should be used to institute a team minimum spending threshold), but should create a balanced system whereby teams can’t just throw money away in the hopes of creating a playoff-capable team.

    Oh well. At least they still appear to be talking.

  5. dude we got the same name… dont worry im sure im much cooler then you and i have more friends, and i got mad pesos

  6. Hey Dan Fernandez #2,

    Nice to meet you! We should have a reunion in Vegas with all the Dan Fernandez’s worldwide. I’m sure you are cooler then me, but frankly that’s not that hard 😉

  7. Dan, you sure you are gonna miss hockey? Its not like the Capitals were gonna win much…..

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