Don Box responds to James Gosling .NET Bashing

If you're just catching up, ZDNet Australia published this article quoting James Gosling the creator of the Java language where he says Microsoft's decision to support C and C++ in the common language runtime in .NET is one of the "biggest and most offensive mistakes that they could have made".

Luckily, we have Don Box to post a quick and eloquent reply with the truth.

PS: Did you also notice that Don calls out how Indigo is fully written in C#/.NET (1100+ files of pure managed bliss).

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  1. Senkwe says:

    Actually he mentions that all but 19 files don’t use the "unsafe" keyword.

  2. Senkwe,

    Don specifically says that only 19 of them use the unsafe keyword. The rest of them *do not* use the unsafe keyword.

    Quote: "In looking at the Indigo code base (which was 1123 C# files as of early last week), only 19 of them use the unsafe keyword. Every single use was to do buffer manipulation, either for low-level XML cracking, SSPI munging, or async I/O buffer management."

    Again, the 19 files that do use unsafe are for low-level buffer manipulation.



  3. Jim Arnold says:

    I would have been shocked if Indigo wasn’t written largely in C#

  4. AT says:

    unsafe keyword in 19-files only ?
    <br>Is it possible to allow &quot;unsafe&quot; by default for entire 1100+ files project ?

  5. Ian Griffiths also had an interesting post where he elaborated on this as well –

  6. Senkwe says:

    Err, thats what I sad Dan 🙂 I think.

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