More Music for Developers!

DJ Bolivia, whom I blogged about earlier, has released the final volume of the three part series Music To Code By.  

"Exception Handler" (Music To Code By, Volume 3 of 3)
60 minutes of Progressive/Tribal House
Download the MP3 or listen to the stream

"Memory Leak" (Music To Code By, Volume 2 of 3)
64 minutes of Progressive/Tribal House
Download the MP3 or listen to the stream

"I Never Expected This" (Music to Code By, Vol. 1 of 3)
64 minutes of Progressive/Tribal House
Download the MP3, or listen to the stream

Send your thoughts/feedback!

Comments (28)
  1. I was looking for that kind of music a long time ago!

    Thanks for the links!

    Excellent music to code!

    Anthony Alvarado (.NET Spanish Community)

  2. Jeff says:

    Okay, now the world is complete! Now if I can just talk my supervisor into letting me install my surround sound speaker system in my office I should be set….

  3. Tom says:

    Nice collection…

  4. laimis says:

    I have to disagree with you on this one… Van Buuren’s Trance mixes are the best to have when coding

  5. David LU says:

    It’s cool!^^

  6. Brad says:

    It’s hard to find good coding music like this out there without having to sift through a lot of bad stuff. I see myself using these for a long time to come. Thanks!!

  7. Dustin says:

    When you get burnt out on these mixes, check out

    It’ll keep you going for a long time. Fridays are the best.

  8. Excellent stuff. Any possiblity of him posting more.

  9. Chuck Ray says:

    This is great music. I will have to give this a try while coding. My typical music to code by is Led Zeppelin III. A bit retro but great for coding.

    Thanks for the new music tip!

  10. Shahab says:

    Well, nice stuff. But I expected the vol 3 to be also a power of 2 (64 minutes, not 60 minutes).

  11. Hello Y’all!

    Ain’t nobody coding to Bluegrass anymore? 😉

    Y’all come back now, you hear?!

  12. Socrate04 says:

    Cool and beautifull sounds.

  13. Mike says:

    Thanks for the link! I really like House and Techno… etc…

    One question though… do you know why he doesnt have it cut into tracks?

    Anybody else you like?

  14. e86 says:

    thanks for the songs!

    … i need a integrated music player in my ide (vs2005) 😉

  15. Maulik C says:

    Thanks. The music is perfect for programming.

  16. Vaskenos says:

    Great ! Thx !

  17. Karen says:

    Oh, great stuff – nice, big, ‘n tribal. Makes me chair-dance while I’m working!

  18. Sarunas says:

    nice music 😉 thanks

  19. Craig says:

    I like the music. Good choice. I’ll send you some of my tribal/progressive mixes. see what you think.


  20. iPsy says:

    i think i came to the wrong site..

    my ear drum cant handle these trances…

    ommm……..ommmmm maniii

  21. Amit Mukerji (India) says:

    ….WOW WOW WOW WOW… Damn cool music ….it is just not music to code by…. but, music to live with day by night …..keep it going ….. and hey, damn unique track names …

  22. DJ Guerrero says:

    Visual Studio was coded to the sound of this stuff? Finally, it all makes sense…

  23. step says:

    as a minor side note, there are now 6 volumes… great stuff.

    i also vey much like the mixes from chilled & distilled ( ) which are quite similar.

  24. Siderite says:

    Wake Up Call by the Prodigy is my newest programming music.

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